Monday, February 08, 2010

Fantastic Fennel Flavour!

(Using dark wildflower honey, left-brittle not yet changed colour, right-fully changed)

I had a craving for fennel brittle late last night and wanted to share it with you. I love combination of the fennel flavour and the sweet clear sugar.

You can add any seeds or nuts you would like - the first time I made this I added hazelnuts (2/3 c chopped) but I didn't enjoy the texture so I leave them out.This is great for a snack or a party, it's quick (~15min +cooling time) and delicious. Let us know if you have any favourite flavours. Enjoy!

1 c granulated sugar
1/4c water
2 tbsp honey
1/4 tsp salt
1 tbsp fennel seeds

Key Items: tray lined with parchment paper, candy thermometer
Warning: don't walk away from the pan, it can burn easily.

  1. In a heavy-bottom pan, stir sugar, water, honey & salt over low heat until dissolved
  2. When dissolved, increase heat to medium
  3. Let it boil and bubble until it changes colour to a light amber* (4-5min) - this is removing the excess water. Do not stir. Occaisionally (& carefully) swirl pan to prevent dark spots**
  4. Pour on to parchment, tilt sheet to spread out more thinly
  5. Sprinkle with fennel seeds (Nuts, seeds or other flavour can be added too)
  6. Let cool completely (you can speed this up by placing the tray in the freezer)
  7. When cooled, break into small pieces.

*Light amber if using a yellow honey. It's harder to detect the change when using the darker colours of honey, so watch carefully. You can also use the cold water test.

**In order to get the hard crack in the brittle, you must reach 300F - check this with your candy thermometer. If you find after cooling the brittle is bendy, you didn't reach 300F when you boiled it. The good news is that you can remelt and reboil it.

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Anonymous said...

What an unusual candy! I have never heard of using fennel this way. Would be very interesting to taste! You can make me pecan and almond brittle anytime you like though.