Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Poached Egg, Lardons, Salad

This past weekend was a strange middle ground between indulging in holidays and returning to routine with new resolve. So the brunch I ordered on Sunday had to straddle that same divide of course.

And the place Shula suggested for our post holiday catch-up – La Brasserie – had the perfect thing. A salad of fluffy, sharp tasting frisee, studded with decadent lardons and brioche croutons and topped with my favourite, a poached egg. Decorated with swirls of mustard vinaigrette. Yum. I love nothing more than egg yolk spilling over other tasty things, and this salad seemed like a slightly healthier way to enjoy it than my usual benny.

I wasn't exactly sure what Lardons were before this, but they sounded meaty and fatty and delicious, and they were. And the brioche croutons, after initially surprising me by being much softer than I'd expect a crouton to be, were perfect for soaking up egg yolk and provided a tiny bit of sweetness that was welcome.

Beside the fact that it was the perfect combination of decadent and healthy for January third, I was drawn to this salad for another reason too. I had developed a curiosity for brunch salads with poached eggs while whiling away time searching for holiday recipes. I had found this Eggs Benedict Salad at Epicurious which I suggested to Mom for our Christmas day breakfast. She politely let me know that she found the idea of salad for breakfast kind of unappetizing. I started to think she might be right when I thought a bit harder about eating radishes and edamame early in the morning. But I'm not sure. Since the Brasserie salad was so delicious, maybe I'm ready to step into more extreme salad-as-breakfast territory?

What do you think – are rich morning salads inspired or weird? Have any favourite breakfast salad recipes I should try?

And in case you were worried, our salad-free Christmas breakfast was perfect. Fresh homemade blueberry muffins (thanks Mom for indulging my every request!), local pepper bacon, and poached eggs, washed down with both soy lattes and mimosas as is our tradition. The bacon – which we cut into thick slices ourselves – was to die for. Made by Galloping Goose Sausage Company it was definitely the best bacon I've ever had. Laura and Michelle – I was wishing I could send you guys a slice or two. Maybe it'll be worth a trip to Victoria...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like unusual breakfasts may be happening again. Those blueberry muffins make my mouth water and Xmas breakfast a real treat for sure. I have never heard of this bacon before. Haven't had any bacon in a few years as I love it and it could get to be a fattening habit! A memorable Xmas breakfast for sure--I have no idea what I had!

Anonymous said...

Ok, ok, don't knock it until you try it. I'm not sure why I'm opposed to the breakfast salad idea (being a salad lover). I'm dreamin' of that incredible bacon though - give me that for breakfast and I'll eat my salad. Cathie