Thursday, December 17, 2009

Robust Bruschetta at the Epicurean Cafe

Beans, sausage, spicy pickled eggplant, green olives, rosemary, sage, raw onions, grilled and garlic-rubbed bread, plenty of olive oil and balsamic vinegar soaking in... I had this sandwich once over two years ago and it was impossible to forget. Unbelievable that it took me so long to go back for it.

Of course, the sandwich had the curse of being "across the bridge." The Epicurean Cafe, at Cypress and First, used to be one of our semi-regular spots when we lived in South Granville back in the day. They make what I consider the perfect breakfast (my favourite is the Earthy: eggs poached in amatriciana sauce, Italian sausage, spicy eggplants – those eggplants again, I know) and cultivate a leisurely European mood. This place is both luxurious and comfortable. But seriously, the marble tabletops, the French mother at the next table urging her son to finish his homework, the case of beautiful pastries, the vine covered patio, none of this matters really – I'd come to any kind of place that can make a sandwich this good.

And, I'm hoping to turn my kitchen into that place.It should be fairly simple to recreate, right? It's not fancy in any way, just an amazing combination of ingredients, and an unexpected form for a sandwich. So let's see, I'd have to:

  • Grill some ciabatta bread, and then rub it with an olive clove.
  • Grill an Italian pork sausage, and slice it in half.
  • Slice an onion.
  • Buy some pickled eggplants and green olives at the European Deli on Davie.
  • Cook some cannellini beans, or open a can...
  • Muddle everything together on top of the bread and generously drizzle on olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

So I'll try it, hoping they haven't used any unknown magic to make it so irresistible. And I'll also try to be stuck in Kits needing lunch more often, 'cause the Epicurean Cafe is definitely on my list of places I feel love for here in Vancouver.


Anonymous said...

Hi Meg, it sounds great. Did you try it?

Meg Whetung said...

I haven't tried it yet, but will soon!