Monday, December 21, 2009

Radicchio, feta, and pecan salad

My mom and I have been working out the details of what we'll make for Christmas Eve dinner – trading ideas for more dishes than we could ever make (or eat) and agreeing to improvise together when the day comes. There's one thing that I'm hoping will make the cut: this radicchio, feta, and pecan salad.

I made this pretty pretty salad a while ago to go with a white bean soup, and loved it. Sweet crunchy pecans, creamy salty feta, bitter radicchio – it all combines to make something awesome. And it's red and white, and is super simple to make yet feels a bit decadent, so it's perfect, right?

Feel free to sub maple syrup for the honey in the dressing if you're making this for a honey-hater like I was. Or just because maple syrup and balsamic go so well together.

Just wanted to quickly pass on this recipe, in case you're also in the throes of menu planning and looking for ideas. Merry Christmas, happy eating!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds really really good. Hope it makes the cut.