Friday, June 19, 2009

New Summer Drink! Tang-tastic!

Lemonade is always a traditional standby drink for summer though a truly great lemonade is few and far between. Lemonade has to be tart - if there isn't a tingling in your cheeks you've done something wrong. Tell us what you think of this one.

Strawberry Lemonade

2.5 cups hulled strawberries
a few whole strawberries
1.5 cups lemon juice (~12 lemons)
.5 cup honey
4 cups water
4 cups ice cubes
mint sprigs

1. Dissolve .5 cup honey in 2 cups boiling water, add ice cubes to cool it
2. Squeeze the juice out of the lemons (the amount of juice per lemon varies wildly, the original recipe called for 5-8 so i would suggest buying more than you need)
3. Blend the hulled strawberries
4. Combine the honey water, lemon juice, strawberry puree, 2 remaining cups cold water and ice cubes and stir or blend.
5. Pour into glasses, add whole strawberry and mint as garnish

Most recipes call for a simple syrup to sweeten this drink but we didn't want to wait for the heating and cooling so we tried to find an alternative: agave syrup (a natural sweetener) which will dissolve in cold water but couldn't find any. So we used honey instead and it was perfect, just the right balance of tart & sweet with a subtle strawberry flavour.

It will be a summer of delicious lemonade. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Agave syrup available at my local market, check the sugar section. Did you know non-organic lemons are picked green, then sprayed with gas to turn yellow, then have chemicals added to give them a tart taste since they don't have it green. Then they are stored 3-6 months and ripened with chemicals!!! For even better lemonade try the organic lemons or bottled organic juice. Then you will really notice the difference.

Meg Whetung said...

Michelle, this lemonade was soooo good! I completely agree with you that lemonade needs to be tart to be any good at all. Bought lemonade is nearly always too sweet for my likes. This stuff was the ultimate refreshing drink after a long Wednesday of work. I usually don't like strawberry drinks (again, the dreaded sweetness), but using fresh strawberries like this, and combining them with so much lemon juice, was so so perfect.

While drinking this on Wednesday, I couldn't help thinking it would be awesome in a non-virgin version, and we tried it a few days later with rum, gin, and whisky...just to be sure which one was best :) I like the rum best, as it was so summery, and the other girls were partial to the whiskey (like a strawberry whiskey sour - yum).

Thanks for introducing us to this summer's drink! Let's have it over and over, beach picnics, barbeques, whenever...