Monday, May 25, 2009

Summer has started say the patio meals and me

There is absolutely nothing better than sitting on a sunny patio on an endless weekend day with people that make you happy, an icy beer or a spicy caesar, and craving-worthy food. And I got to do this TWICE in the past two weeks. Which means the best season of the year is here. I don't care at all about that June 21st technicality. It's summer.

The top photo was taken at the Canoe Brew Pub in Victoria, where I shared a lazy Saturday supper with my Mom two weekends ago. We were out shopping (plants, couches, tea) and decided it was time for a patio beer break. Canoe has the best patio in the city I think – big stone tables, a view of the industrial part of the harbour rather than the tourist hordes, and beer brewed on the spot. A bitter stretched into a lager, then into calamari, and then dinner.

Our sun-induced laziness was smart in the end – the Grilled Steak Waldorf salad I ordered was delicious, going far beyond what you'd generally expect from a patio spot. I really want to recreate this salad at home. Delicate endive, tart apple slices, firm yet creamy sheep cheese (Salt Spring Island Montana – such a good cheese), perfectly-crusted flat iron steak, and walnut vinaigrette. Mmmmm. I'm diggin' the salad with meat as dinner lately (another post coming up on a Thai chicken and green mango salad I made tonight that was equally awesome).

The second photo was taken yesterday on the patio at The Five Point on Main Street. This was a classic Sunday afternoon patio meal, caesar, coffee, and all. My first time at the Five Point, and I think I ordered well. This sandwich was kind of like a lamb version of my favourite pulled pork. Messy, slathered in barbeque sauce, soft bun, lots of peppers and onions. So good. My mind is reeling with ideas for how we can put our lovingly-battered little BBQ to use down at Sunset Beach this summer, and I think I'll try to recreate this too.


Anonymous said...

Yea for summer. This week looks like more of it. All your food sounds delicious. Still upset over that horrid lunch food we had and so disappointed that The Village was not open. I don't go out to eat much so don't know the good spots.

Meg Whetung said...

GB, no worries about the Village – we'll just have to go next time! I definitely want to try it,it looked like such a cute homey place.