Monday, January 26, 2009

Five reasons why Twisted Fork is my new favourite brunch place

1. They've got a coffee gimmick almost as good as Locus' – maybe better. When you order coffee at Twisted Fork, they bring you your very own French press and leave it at your table. When it gets anywhere close to empty, they bring you a fresh one. So although it's not a bottomless Americano (like at Locus), it is bottomless and what makes it better, to me, is that it's right at your table whenever you want it. Pouring my own coffee makes me happy for some reason. So homey.

2. They offer many convincing reasons to break into the booze early. I usually find it pretty easy to avoid the drinks part of a brunch menu, as I'm so caught up in my love for runny-yolked eggs, crispy potatoes, and coffee. But Twisted Fork's brunch drinks are the kind that make you go, "Whoa, that sounds so good! Wait, so does that... oh my god, I have to try that." I was pulled in many directions but finally decided that the "Twisted Mary" would be the most rejuvenating. And it was so good. I usually prefer a Caesar to a Bloody Mary, but this one had enough surprises to win me over – the usual vodka and tomato juice, plus red wine, balsamic vinegar, and spices. Sounds a little bit weird, right? I wholeheartedly vouch for its deliciousness. And, I had a sip of Mike's "Brutus," their version of a Caesar, and it was equally awesome.

3. The atmosphere is the exact opposite of the rough and dirty treeless deadzone surrounding it on Granville Street. It's so warm and homey inside. I was really surprised the first time I entered – expecting the slick, thinks-it's-cooler-than-it-is look that most of the little places along Granville have. It seems to be either cheesy lounge or diner on this stretch, and Twisted Fork is neither. It feels urban and stylish, but also warm and comfortable. It reminds me a little of Barney's across the bridge in South Granville, but it's really got its own thing going on. And, the servers are super-friendly in the way that they actually feel like your friends.

4. There's spinach on my plate! And baked beans! And roast tomatoes! Really tasty, healthy extras set their meals apart from the boring usual. I couldn't get over how good the baked beans that came with my chorizo benny were (and they're vegan too!). Still, the sauteed spinach and roasted tomatoes that came along side my scrambled eggs with asparagus the week before made that dish my favourite I think. Every piece of the meal is great – the potatoes are done as rosti, grated and fried, and the thick-cut sourdough toast is total perfection.

5. I've been looking for this place for years! After just two visits, it feels like I've found my regular brunch place in the 'hood. Try it out (and invite me along): Twisted Fork Bistro, 1147 Granville Street


Anonymous said...

Hi Meg, all sounds great except for the drink (ugh--vinegar). The coffee carafe at the table is a usual thing in lots of UK bed and breakfasts except I have had coffee in them without any grounds. They just poured it in from the kitchen. Isn't that weird!
Hope you are working out at the gym with all those calorie laden brunches!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm convinced! Definitely going to fit in a Twisted Fork brunch as soon as I can!

Leeeeesha said...

Meg, you've definitely convinced me to check it out too! I'm so looking forward to my own carafe of coffee, and to a delicious benny, and to thick cut sourdough toast, and to. . . well, all of it!

Leeeeesha said...

Hey Meg, just wanted to tell you that Chris and I checked out Twisted Fork this weekend and we were thoroughly impressed! The bottomless coffee was great, as was my benny (I had mine with the traditional ham). Chris ordered the gruyere baked eggs which looked equally yummy (though I couldn't try them, sadly), and he also made sure to test out the brutus (similar to a Caesar, I think). My only small complaint was that they didn't have soy milk for my coffee (gasp!), but the owner said she was planning on stocking up soon (phew).

Thanks so much for the recommendation!