Thursday, December 04, 2008

New Pho restaurant in the 'hood, or, the good things in life

Tonight, after yoga class, sitting in a tiny room on Davie Street, I got to think one of my favourite thoughts. This is going to be one of my new favourite places! When I'm sitting in a restaurant thinking this, I'm really excited. I get distracted and stop listening to my companion (sorry Darryl!), overtaken by the yummyness and promise of many meals ahead.

Walking to the restaurant, we realized it's been ages since we've had Pho. Years maybe. Which is crazy 'cause I love it. I think maybe I stopped because I ruined too many shirts with broth and chili oil splatters, hmm. I guess I was ready to take the risk again. And I'm so happy I did.

I ordered the Curry Chicken Soup (after a really tough decision, as there are so many different kinds of soup on the menu, and they all sound soooo good). It was a huge bowl – as to be expected with Pho – filled with rice vermicelli, a whole chicken leg and thigh (the meat so tender and pulling off the bones), sweet potato cubes (a happy surprise!), smooth curry broth rich with coconut milk, and the pleasantly interactive plate of bean sprouts, lime wedges and jalapeno slices on the side. Mmm, and I ate it all. I added some extra hot sauce, and miraculously kept my shirt clean. I slurped carefully, thinking about how a big bowl of soup like this is definitely one of the ultimate good things in life.

This place is a cozy little room, softly lit and filled with diverse chatter, the staff are really sweet, and it's $6.95 for a totally satisfying meal in a bowl. I can't wait to go back.


moyrad said...

Where is this magical pho-ery Pho Central? On Davie, on Denman? Don't keep it a secret, we want pho too!

Meg said...

Oops, for some reason I thought I'd mentioned that in the post. Of course you deserve magical pho too! It's on Davie, between Thurlow and Bute, right across the street from Shoppers Drug Mart, in the land of many restaurants. Now go!

Anonymous said...

Maybe an oyster bib would solve the splatters on the shirt problem?? Or take along a bib apron?? Perhaps you could suggest they have them on hand for customers!!