Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mmmm Maki!

I just had the most delicious maki roll - Beef Enoki Maki. It is a thin strip of marinated grilled beef wrapped around a little bundle of enoki mushrooms. I have no clue exactly how it was done but it was scrumptious. There was also a side cucumber salad which had been lightly pickled in a sweet vinegar. (The picture above closely resembles ours but i didn't have a camera so this is a simulation - our enoki looked a bit more spritely)

We also sampled the beef and chicken satay - tender-melt-in-your-mouth with a savory sauce; chiang mai noodles with shrimp - good heat and great texture; ginger chicken - lots of tasty veg; and panang beef curry - fragrant sweet spicy. MMMmmmmm. This was delicious, it's one of those meals you wish you could eat every day.

My Dad and Stepmom took me out to this Japanese Thai place called JJ in Mississauga. It's in a small plaza which you would never notice unless you looked for it. It has great food, a great atmosphere and reasonable prices. Their website doesn't do them justice (no offense)so if you are ever passing by, try them out.

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