Thursday, December 11, 2008

I've solved the chorizo mystery! With a little help from my Wine Library TV friends.

You may think we know what we're doing, but quite often on a Wednesday we stumble across things we don't really know, even between the four of us. Unbelievable! This week, it was chorizo that threw us for a loop.

We all eat chorizo, and love it, but after failing to find it at the grocery store, buying spicy Italian sausage instead, traipsing into the meat store as an afterthought and dirtying their just-mopped floors only to leave without buying anything, we confessed to each other that we weren't sure what the deal is with chorizo being cooked or not. Whenever I buy chorizo it's cooked, or cured – whatever has been done to it you can slice it up and snack on it right away. But when we order tacos at Lolitas or El Taco, the chorizo has the texture of ground beef and has obviously been cooked from a raw sausage. And that's what we needed for our Wednesday recipe (chorizo, yam, and pickled onion fajitas). Well, we cooked up our spicy Italian sausage, seasoning it to approximate the flavour of chorizo (it actually tasted very close – excellent seasoning Alisha!), and the fajitas were delicious. But our question remained unanswered.

Until now. Just a few minutes ago, I was procrastinating my Christmas crafting and decided to check out Wine Library TV, a wine tasting vlog that I love. And, Gary, the host, must have heard our questions as we walked back to Alisha's from the meat shop on Wednesday, because his most recent episode answers our exact question! And, as a bonus, tells us what wine to drink with our chorizo next time.

I'll reveal the secret: he says Spanish chorizo is cooked (fermented, cured, and smoked), and Mexican chorizo is raw.

There, no more mystery. But you should still watch the episode below, because it's funny, it includes one of my favourite cheeses (manchego), and Gary says the awesomest things and demonstrates how fun wine tasting is. Watch it, if only to hear him describe his first experience of tasting cilantro – he says it tasted "like devastation," ha ha. Enjoy! You might get hooked... and decide you need to devote your life to wine tasting and chorizo eating.

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moyrad said...

I didn't even realize chorizo came in a raw form until I read your post. I've only ever had it cured.

So does that mean chorizo is just a specific spice mixture or does it depend on the type of meat used too?

It's so great when the universe answers the questions you ask.