Friday, October 31, 2008

Gastropod's Molecular Delights

Without further ado, I give you the top ten reasons to eat at the amazing Gastropod restaurant in Vancouver (besides Chef Angus An, of course – the best reason to visit):

10. Venison, plum, frisée and potato crisp amuse bouche!

9. Seared scallops with heirloom beets (beets!), choke cherry glaze and candied hazelnuts (mm!). I can't decide which part of the dish was more tasty – the beets were so perfectly prepared, but the scallops were unbelievable.

8. Oysters with horseradish 'snow' (how molecular!) and sauternes jelly (you know I love a sweet white wine in any form):

7. Pork done three (delicious) ways. Pork belly! Need I say more?

6. Squab, with pistachio and tongue (!) mousse, crab apple purée (how autumn!) and squash spaetzle (see the Omnivore's One Hundred).

5. Plum sorbet as a palette-cleanser:

4. A well-stocked cheese plate showing off Quebec (and French) cheeses and Saskatoon berries (how Canadian!):

3. Because Michelle is paying!

2. Horchata pannacotta! What on earth is that, you ask? Horchata is a Mexican (originally Spanish) rice drink made with milk, sugar and vanilla. The dessert also came with tres leche cake, dolce du leche and peach sorbet. And...
1. Because it's your birthday and the pastry chef very nicely helps you celebrate!

It was a lovely night. Thanks so much, Michelle!

Me, happily full.

Bonus reason: Because of the chocolate petit fours they give you with your tea!


moyrad said...

I was worried the food here would be pretentious and molecular for molecular's sake. I had no need to worry, the molecular techniques used (though i'm sure i didn't recognixe most of them) enhanced all the food we had. The horseradish snow on the oysters was delicate with all the flavour and a light heat. My pork entree (cheeks, shoulder and delicious belly) was mouthwatering and delicious.

If I may add a #11 it would be the service itself. We actually ordered a 3 course menu but we also received an amuse bouche - the venison chips (#10), palate cleanser - plum sorbet (#5) and an amazing written Happy Birthday with dessert.

If you haven't been to gastropod, go! Don't worry about any pretentions here, there are no lavendar-scent filed pillows here, it's all food and flavour.

I can't wait to go back.

Meg said...

I'm so happy you guys got to go here! And that you've demystified it for me :) Every time I go by Gastropod on the bus or walking I gaze in and wonder... I will have to go! Those oysters look heavenly. Mmmm and the pork! I'm with you Michelle on worrying about excessive foam and such. Happy to hear it's all delicious magic!