Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Posh Nosh

This is my first attempt at embedding video anywhere ever, so hopefully it'll work out (and even more hopefully, perhaps one day we'll have video of our own to post!).

I've been wanting to share this series for ages with the WeDine readership, as it's absolutely hilarious. Posh Nosh is a BBC cooking-show spoof consisting of eight 10-minute episodes starring Richard E. Grant and Arabella Weir as the Hon Simon and Minty Marchmont, respectively.

The premise involves Grant and Weir as the owners of a high-end restaurant trying to teach 'extraordinary' cookery to 'ordinary' people. The humour comes from their class divide – Minty desperately trying, despite her middle-class background, to match Simon's ridiculous upper class manners – and their subtle swipes at each other. Oh, and the hilarious food terminology they use. You'll see! If you like this one, do check out YouTube for some more.

Here is the first episode!


Meg said...

this is hilarious Laura, thanks for sharing! I love the chip model. And you're so right about the terminology - embarrass, annoy, disabling, interesting... thought soup stock lives to be simmered, it must be loving it, not being annoyed.

And the olive oil tasting – yuck! maybe in smaller quantities.

I'm gonna watch more...

moyrad said...

I think we should start creating our own cooking terms. I particularly like exciting and thrilling when referring to sauteing or frying (this might me a different episode).

Food and laughter what more do we need!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the Posh Nosh, Laura and you did a great job of embedding. But isn't it copyrighted?? I know You Tube various people have gotten in trouble for using copyright material so please check it out.

Anonymous said...

Laura have you seen
Lots of real British cookery!!