Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Farmers Market – letting me down easy from the end of summer

I'm having a late summer love affair with my farmers market, and it's making me really really happy. The best parts: eggplants, cute pattypan squashes (Poach them in tomato sauce! Roast them 'til they're sweet like candy!), mix n' match heirloom cherry tomatoes, crisp asian pears, ugly-on-the-outside-spectacular-on-the-inside-nectarines, coronation grapes, fluffy bunches of chard, sticky pungent garlic. And my lunch today...

Returning from the market this afternoon, blissed out from all the wandering with friends in the sunshine slowly from stall to stall, I picked through my bounty and selected the things I most wanted to eat right now.

I poached two incredibly fresh eggs (for once I actually remembered to take them out soon enough to be deliciously runny). I heated some olive oil in a pan and threw in thick zucchini slices, tiny snacking peppers (it's driving me crazy that I can't remember what this variety is called, argh), green beans, and small heirloom tomatoes. This all went onto my plate along with a slice of fresh sourdough bread and some salad greens sprinkled with lemon juice (including a nasturtium flower!)

It was perfect. I really think this is one of the best eating experiences ever, when everything is so fresh that it tastes exactly like it should. I couldn't shut up about how amazing the egg tasted – it was just as you'd imagine the ultimate egg would taste. And the beans were so so yummy! Perfect delicious beans. Perfect juicy tomatoes.

Can you imagine living on a farm and eating this way all the time? It's so sad that we've gotten used to things not tasting the way they should. I really have to start getting a local green box delivery, because even I'll have to accept that summer's over sometime soon (and with it the market) and I don't want to stop eating like this!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fantastic meal Meg. I know what you mean about fresh from the market because I grew up with fresh from the backyard, including peaches and watermelons and eggs!

Laura said...

We're so lucky to have a good farmer's market nearby, and it certainly helps when it's a beautiful sunny Saturday morning and the pickings are good! Great post, Meg! Those poached eggs look amazing. I'll have to post about my market finds too!