Friday, June 06, 2008

Maple Bay: Day Three

Well, all good things, as they say, must come to an end, and that is true even of an idyllic long weekend at the cabin. But, luckily for us, they came to an end in style – and true to form, involving lots of good food and drink!

Breakfast on Sunday: Pear Smoothies and Asparagus Frittata

We awoke on day three at Maple Bay to the dulcet tones of the blender, as Alisha made us all a breakfast smoothie (see photo of said smoothies above, glowing in the sunlight). The smoothies blended ripe pears, goat yogurt (or gogurt, as we like to call it), ice and honey, and were a fantastic way to start a Sunday.

Alisha prepared a delicious frittata in one of the cabin's sturdy cast-iron pans, which handily went into the oven to cook.

I don't know whether we've spent much time discussing frittatas on WeDine, but essentially a frittata is a thick open-faced omelette, usually containing chopped veg and sometimes meat, which is cooked on the burner but then transferred to the oven to finish cooking. Alisha's frittata called for asparagus, both chopped and left in spears, fresh thyme, scallions and nutmeg (ah, the secret ingredient!) and was made with goat-friendly cheeses and soy milk. And bacon, which the recipe didn't call for, but was certainly a welcome addition! Here's my slice, served with a little multigrain toast:

After breakfast was cleared away, we set out on a hike to the top of Maple Mountain (I kid you not, it was indeed called that), being anxious to spend the day getting in what activities we could before we had to go. Along the way (on the cleverly-named Maple Mountain Road) Raisa found some juicy-looking blackberries for us to try. This is not the first time Raisa has handed me something she's gleaned from a bush or tree on the side of the road and told me to eat it. Though I experienced a brief city-girl twinge of suspicion of foods not gathered from a supermarket display, I quite happily ate it, and it was wonderful! Ah, blackberries in the sun.

I omit the climb to the top of Maple Mountain, largely because very little occurred that was food-related, and also because no one wants to see photos of me huffing and puffing up a mountainside – but I include this photo as evidence that it was achieved!

We hurried back from the hike as we had to fit in another meal (of course!) before we started the journey back to the ferry.

Lunch on Sunday: Steak Sandwiches and Cidre

Meg and Alisha went up ahead and very nicely (using all the charm at their disposal) managed to buy some tasty kaiser buns off of the restaurant along the road (possibly the Shipyard Pub and Restaurant), as we had forgotten to get some fresh ones. Much frantic packing ensued when we returned home, and the car was loaded up whilst Michelle cooked her delightful steak sandwiches (with jus! and grainy mustard!) in the kitchen. Then, because it was such a glorious sunlit day, and we weren't sure when we'd see that again, we ate outside in the garden.

Alisha assembles a steak sandwich

The treats didn't stop there, as Michelle decided that the sandwiches would go perfectly with a bottle of cider we'd picked up in Giverny a month before. They did go very well together – French cider is a thing of beauty, not overly sweet, nice and crisp, perfect amount of carbonation (see Michelle's Ode to Cidre here).

Michelle pours some Monet-inspired cidre in the sunshine

We all had a lovely picnic in the autumn sun, and the best part was that we had time to enjoy it and reflect on our fantastic cabin getaway. And how better to reflect on a weekend of food than with a great meal?

We boarded the ferry back and (if you can believe it) had a ferry picnic of leftovers on the way home. I managed to nip outside to catch the setting sun, but it was absolutely freezing on deck! Our sunny September reprieve was drawing to a close. But what a fabulous idea, and what a great holiday. Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did, and thanks to Alisha for coming up with the idea in the first place, Jim & Betty for letting us stay, and to all the girls for making all that delicious food all weekend. Let's make it an annual event!


moyrad said...

This was such a good day and a perfect end to a great weekend!
We definitely have to make a trip a regular event. The berries from the side of the road were delicious - i wonder how many other tasty treats we could find by the side of the road.

Meg said...

Michelle, I just have to say those steak sandwiches were amazing. The very best, most memorable meal of the trip for me... with the cider and the sunshine, the bittersweet last hour of our relaxation, perfect.

Alisha - please post the pear smoothie recipe! It was so yummy, I want to make it for breakfast sometime soon :)

This is making me look forward to this fall's trip girls!

Anonymous said...

Be careful where you pick those roadside treats. The highways department sprays pesticide along the roadside to keep back the vegetation!