Saturday, February 16, 2008

Undoubtably the best burgers I've ever made

Mmmm, just looking at that gooey mess of blue cheese, caramelized onions, and watercress, I want to make these burgers again right now. The night I did make them was back in December, for my Dad's birthday dinner. His only menu request was that I make use of the cow.
Inspired by a blue-cheese burger I had at Beachcombers on our legendary Oregon road trip, and by my dad's controversial love of blue cheese (I remember occasions growing up when my mom would ask him to keep his cheese out on the back porch because it was so stinky), I sought out this recipe on epicurious.

I'd never cooked with andouille sausage before and the idea of pecans in a burger seemed really smart and exciting, so I was sold. Here's what the burgers looked like while they were waiting to be cooked:
They were so good. My dad enjoyed them. They were well-matched by a warm potato salad I made up based on suggestions from my sister (roast potatoes tossed with thinly sliced raw fennel and a simple lemon vinaigrette) and some Columbian rum my Dad brought courtesy of my Aunt who had just returned from my cousin's wedding in Columbia (it came in a juice box!). Perfect.


Darryl said...

This was the most delicious burger I have ever tasted in my life. It was "melt in your mouth" amazing goodness mixed with a wild gamey style that's making my mouth water right now while thinking about it. Too bad I'm eating a triscuit right now.

Leeeeesha said...

Meg, that burger looks so amazing! But pecans, really? How odd.

Maybe you should enter the next "Build a Better Burger" contest, on the Food Network . . .

Anonymous said...

Hey leeeesha, don't knock the pecans. They are soooooo good with an amazing number of things, not to mention they are full of vitamin B6. When I was a teenager we would pick them fallen from the trees and shell and wolf them down. Heaven!!

Laura said...

I'm totally with your dad on the blue cheese. It's indescribably fantastic. Is it growing on you?

I'm not sure about the andouille sausage. It's so gamey. Is it very overpowering, or just one of a symphony of flavours in the burger?

The caramelized onions and the Columbian rum sound marvellous.

Did you use the pickled okra pods?