Friday, February 29, 2008

A Trip to Maple Bay, Day One

With many thanks to Jim and Betty! Towards the end of September, we made our way to Meg's dad's cabin in Maple Bay for a weekend of celebration – there were thirtieth birthdays to be marked! So we celebrated the best way we know how: with lots of great food and drink. We left from Vancouver at the end of a working Friday, picking up people (and belongings!) as we went.

We took the ferry from Horseshoe Bay, and once on board, promptly snagged some seats in the cafeteria to enjoy the picnic dinner that we had all contributed various bits and pieces (salads and spreads, rolls and drinks, fruit) to. A potluck picnic dinner worked well in these circumstances, and we were pretty hungry by this point. And in need of some tea and coffee!

After dinner we braved the chilly outdoors to watch small islands passing by. And the other ferries far in the distance. The sea was beautiful.

It was windy!

Leaving the ferry behind, we headed to Thrifty foods (an island staple!) for a quick stock-up on all our last-minute grocery needs. Apparently this included a good many peppers and limes. Oh, and coffee and chocolate, of course.

When we pulled into the driveway in front of the cabin in Maple Bay, it was dark, but not too dark for some of us to catch a glimpse of a deer a few yards away. It was such a change to be away from the city, from the constant light and noise, and this was one of the things that showed us how different it was going to be. It was great to have a real break. We decided to celebrate our arrival in style – with a batch of hot buttered rum! Here's a sort of photo-essay on the making of hot buttered rum. For the recipe and method, check out the post on hot buttered rum on WeDrink. You can see the last step is first in this photo-montage: the drinking of the rum! But it otherwise proceeds more or less in order. Please click to enlarge (particularly to see the classic photo of me and Raisa licking the hand-mixer beaters clean! Yum!).

Betty left us some cookies (in a proper biscuit tin! It may have featured the Queen's wedding portrait) that were greeted with much enthusiasm. We paired them with the hot buttered rum. They were fantastic together. Thanks Betty!

Full of cookies and hot rum, we settled down happily for the night. More to follow soon – days two and three of food and fun at Maple Bay. You know you're curious about the destiny of the the eggs, garlic, heirloom tomatoes and chocolate cake in the opening collage. And there may have been more delicious mixed drinks too...knowing us! Happy Leap Day everyone!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read about days 2 and 3. Love the beater licking. When I was a wee kid many years ago, if I did the kitchen cleanup I got to lick the beaters for the choc cake or choc chip cookies. What a treat.

Meg said...

Yay Laura! I'm so happy to finally see this weekend reappear. You're right that it was such a fantastic break from the city. There's nothing more calm and cozy than hot buttered rum, I now know. Can't wait to see days two and three - especially steak sandwiches eaten out in the sun...

love the montages

Anonymous said...

Lovely writing, lovely photos. I read for the food and adventures, but the photos are always so fun and luscious. I HAVE to HAVE that photo of Meg swingin' on the rope. It's a beauty!

You gals always amaze me, teach me, entertain me. Thanks! Cathie

Laura said...

Hello three generations of Meg's family!

GB - I remember licking the beaters too when I was a kid. I certainly remember my mom telling me that recipes with raw egg would give me a stomachache. Is that an old wives' tale, I wonder? I've since seen people down raw eggs in a healthful drink!

Meg - A bit more cabin to go. Mm, steak sandwiches in the sun. Good thing you guys managed to wrangle those delicious buns for us from the restaurant! They could obviously tell you were on a food mission!

Cathie - Thank you so much for your lovely compliments! I'm well chuffed (Brit phrase!). I will certainly send a copy of that photo to Meg to pass along to you, and perhaps a couple more. More adventures to come!

Your comments keep us going, guys! Thanks so much.