Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pretty little sandwiches

The lovely sandwiches shown above were a hit at my mom's New Year's Eve potluck party this year, and I'm sure you can see why. Not only were they cute and colourful, but absolutely scrumptious as well!

Credit must go to my aunt Kati, from Toronto, who makes these sandwiches every March (or is it February . . . ?) when she flies to Edmonton and hosts an annual Oscar party celebration at my parents' house. Well, 'gathering' might be a better word, since attendees usually consist of my mom, my aunt, and one or two of my mom's friends. Either way, Kati had the right idea with these little nibbly morsels. They are simple and fun to make and sure to be a crowd pleaser.

I helped my mom build and/or assemble the sandwiches before her party, and here is a breakdown of what we did:

We used a dark rye and a french baguette, but you can use the type of bread of your choice. The baguette was sliced fairly thickly, and each piece of rye was cut into quarters (for daintiness, of course). Then we layered on the following toppings (in order, from bottom to top of sandwich):

Egg and Caviar on rye
Moderate spreading of butter
Piece of romaine lettuce
2 or 3 slices of hard-boiled egg
Generous mound of caviar (we had two kinds - one was black and one was red - but since I'm not a caviar expert, I'll leave it up to you to choose one that you like)

Smoked Salmon on rye
Thick layer of spreadable goat cheese (or cream cheese, for those who can have it)
Messy pile of smoked salmon or gravlax (it's nicest if you make a really large pile, with a well in the middle)
Mound of capers (placed in the salmon well)

Prawn on rye
Thin spreading of mayonnaise or aioli
2 or 3 cooked prawns with shells removed (larger prawns are better!)
Larger clump of mayonnaise (on top of prawns)
2 very thin slices of lemon
Large sprig of fresh dill

Vegetable on baguette
Thick layer of spreadable goat cheese
2 or 3 thick slices of cucumber (peel removed)
1 thick slice of tomato
2 or 3 thin slices of radish
A few leaves of fresh mint
Salt and pepper


Meg said...

Gorgeous photos Alisha - I love all the colours and patterns. Definitely glamorous. I also love the descriptions of how to pile everything up. I could happily eat piles of gravlax with caper wells in the middle all day long... Thanks for the recipes.

Laura said...

I quite like the mini-recipes one after the other - good format. Mm, prawn on rye. Beautiful red caviar. Perhaps we should try these at the Oscar party that I make you guys attend every year!

Judy said...

Alisha, your pictures are just as yummy as the sandwiches we made on New Year's Eve! Thank you so much for all your food inspiration and preparation over the Christmas holidays. Love you!

Leeeeesha said...

Mom! You commented!

(Now, let this be inspiration for all you other WeDine readers out there who are too shy to post a comment . . . )

I had lots of fun making these sandwiches, as well as all the other goodies we made over the holidays. Looking forward to much more cooking and eating with you. Love you too!