Thursday, January 24, 2008

My wish came true!

On Monday I opened my mailbox to see one of those great slips of paper from the mailman saying that I had a parcel to pick up! I had no idea what it could be. Christmas is over, Darryl and my birthdays are both half a year away, it's the middle of January when nothing very pleasant happens at all... So I kept puzzling, stopped by the post office the next day on my way home, and was handed an box! I thought, did I order something by accident? Go a few clicks too far while browsing? Or did they get an address mixed up and send me someone else's books? But no, it had my name on it. So I ran home in anticipation, set it on the table, grabbed some scissors, and revealed...

...the book I've been dreaming about! And underneath that, the second volume! I was overjoyed, and knew right away that my cookbook benefactor and WeDine's #1 fan (Granny Barb) must be behind this beautiful, tasty surprise. For the past two days I've been falling asleep with the book in my hands, reading it again over breakfast, and slowly composing a grocery list for the French (!) dinner party I'm going to have on Saturday. The first two assignments in my kitchen re-education: Légumes à la Grecque and Coq au Vin. So, that means vegetables cooked in aromatic broth and chicken in red wine with onions, mushrooms, and bacon (in the method of a fricassee, I've already learned) but don't they sound so good in French? Mmmmmmmm. I've already fallen in love with Julia's writing style. She somehow manages to sound completely serious and light-heartedly hilarious at the same time. She totally cracks me up, and I believe her when she tells me that with the right instruction I can master all these seemingly complex techniques, and then every dish I make, whether French or Japanese or Indian, will be so much better. So, here come good things... 1239 soft, creamy, beautifully typeset, lovingly illustrated pages of them.

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moyrad said...

I can't wait to taste the wonders that come from a collaboration of Julia and Meg!

What a thoughtful gift!