Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lemony Christmas

It was a Greek Christmas for our post-the-holidays party at Raisa's, an idea cannily suggested by Flora and leapt upon by us girls (we who were possibly experiencing turkey fatigue by this point in the holiday season). Raisa's house was still beautifully decorated, of course, and luckily the tree was still up. It was a lovely setting for a little cooking exchange and a little gift exchange! Check out the gingerbread house (made by the husband-and-wife decorating team of Raisa and Craig) in the top left picture.

So why was it a lemony Christmas? We discovered that Greek food calls for plenty of lemons (or perhaps the particular Greek recipes we'd chosen did), and something like 14 lemons were used in the making of dinner! We all tackled different elements of dinner. Meg made pitas from scratch (with recipe aid from her mom and sister) and hummus. Flora grilled the chicken, Raisa made lemon potatoes, Alisha made a Greek salad and pineapple skewers, and Michelle and I made goat-yoghurt tzatziki and roasted veg (including lemons, of course). Here Meg reveals the dough that was destined to become pita, and below, Raisa makes her lemon potatoes, Alisha takes on a pineapple, our tzatziki comes together and Flora starts meal assemblage.

Raisa had this incredibly cool rolling-out sheet, complete with rolling diameters and measurements up the side and conversion charts.

Maybe it was that, or maybe it was the careful stirring (only in one direction, so the strands of gluten didn't break or tangle), but the pitas actually puffed up like they should! Impressive.

The food managed to span both sides of Raisa's counter with lots of Greek goodness. That's roasted garlic hiding in the tinfoil there. Mm.

We retreated to the (astonishing) comfort of Raisa's sectional in order to eat. Here is my plate, bathed in the glow of Raisa's stylish lamp. Wow, I would eat that again.

And of course, post-dinner, gifts were exchanged. Interestingly (and possibly not surprisingly?) several were food-themed. Alisha got a (sexy) apron, I got (shapely) salt & pepper shakers, Michelle got a (retro) kitchen clock (and butter keeper, but not pictured), and Meg got a (travel) kitchen kit (and slow-cooker – musn't forget that, as hopefully it will feature in posts to come!).

And we finished up with pineapple skewers (and a cup of tea or two). What a lovely celebration it was. Thanks everyone! Now who was it that styled Tula's hair like that, I wonder?

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moyrad said...

Lemons! Who would have thought the sourness would enliven so many dishes and dressings. And you can use it's rind and juice for flavour sensations.