Thursday, July 05, 2007

Where can you find the best dumplings in a city overrun with dumplings? Black Tuna!

Black Tuna is where we end up whenever it's a perfect sunny evening in the West End and we want a patio with a view of the beach and food that's 100 times better than Milestones (there was a whole crowd lined up there as we walked by after our delicious Black Tuna meal – what's going on?). We never seem to go to Black Tuna in the winter, but all year long I dream of their dumplings. They're just so cool! The spinach ones have actual spinach in the dough (above, mmmm) and the asparagus ones have a big stick of asparagus sticking out either end. And they're packed with fresh ginger, which is all I need to be happy.

Everything else at Black Tuna is wonderful too – all beautifully presented, fresh and simple, with tasty tasty sauces. Here's what we had last night:

Mackerel in spicy miso sauce
Every time we've been, they bring us this mackerel, with crispy skin and tangy sauce, "compliments of the chef." I guess that's their thing – I'm sure we're not special – but I've never really had much mackerel before and I love this mackerel.

Tuna tataki with ponzu
This tuna is so good, tender and creamy in the middle, lightly seared on the edges, drenched in citrusy ponzu.

Hot night roll with Thai peanut sauce
I'm not always a fan of crazy fusion "chef's special" sushi rolls, but come on, when it's called "Hot Night" how could anyone resist it? It has prawn tempura and crab inside, and tuna on top (the best part).

Sea bass with miso sauce
There are a few different sea bass dishes on the menu, with different sauces, and we seem to order one or another every time. They're all delicious, but this miso sauce especially inspires me to get cooking fish at home – that tub of miso shouldn't languish in the back of my fridge waiting for me to crave miso soup when I could be making something like this!

So, go eat at Black Tuna, and then go lie in the sun feeling lucky to have had such a great meal and to live in such a perfect city:

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Laura said...

That first dumpling has such an impact! It looks like you're spearing a vivid green lump of avocado with your chopsticks - crazy! All the photos are gorgeous - my compliments to the photographers.

Looks like a great place to eat, with some interesting twists on sushi and Japanese food. I love that part of town too, where Denman and Davie and Pacific and Beach all come together, and life seems like a perfect summer dream. Great post!