Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Inspired by the Dishwasher

May I say, if you are feeling lethargic and really can't be bothered to turn the oven on. Try this.

Steam your fish with your veggies.

I flavoured my fish and wrapped it tightly in foil ( i used 3 layers as I always seem to pierce it). I chopped my veg and placed them in the steamer in the pot with water and placed the fish bundle on top and left them all for 15 min (I turned the bundle once). When the veggies were done, so was the fish.

Don't laugh too hard, this was the best me and paint could do.

I must admit my flavouring could have been better, but it didn't matter because i was so excited about my steaming.

I recalled while wrapping my bundle, having watched Jamie Oliver several years ago wrap fish in a similar bundle and send it through a dishwasher cycle to cook. It is probably all i would trust our dishwasher to do.



Leeeeesha said...

I love this post, Michelle! Not only do I enjoy the illustrations, but the story really makes me laugh. (Especially because I feel lethargic all the time when contemplating using the oven.)

Hey, after making this meal, I think you are now free to call yourself a food jammer!

Laura said...

That's a great idea, and it sounds ridiculously healthy, too. Didn't Jamie have a whole bundle of veg in there with his fish? Let's try the dishwasher next time - but maybe not our dishwasher.