Sunday, April 15, 2007

The first ever WeDine field trip!

For months we'd been trying to plan a day on which we'd venture out to Commercial Drive for Ethiopian food and then, stomachs full, move on to Gourmet Warehouse for toys and treats. Well, it finally happened! It's taken me almost as long to get around to posting about it, but here we go...

I'd been to the Addis Cafe a few times and totally loved it, but it was everyone else's first time there, which made it even more exciting! I recommended the mango juice to drink, and we chose a few dishes to share – two vegetarian platters and beef Awaze Tibs. Michelle's chai tea looked really tasty too.

The orange walls and table matched the mango juice perfectly, and the whole place had a warm, relaxed thing going on.

The tasty food (spinach, cabbage, corn, green beans, carrots, beef, chickpeas in berbere sauce, red lentils, yellow split peas), before we all tore into it:

And, near the end, enjoying the bread after it soaked up all the good flavours.

Then, full and happy, we walked down Commercial Drive in the rain to Gourmet Warehouse.

Once there, we wandered around and tried not to let too many things end up in our shopping baskets, or our mouths – tasty samples were hidden all around the place:

Those corn chips were so good, but left me badly craving margaritas.

My three favourite purchases of the day:

  • Manchego Cheese – a soft, nutty Spanish sheep cheese that I'm totally in love with (and it melts!)
  • a potato masher – one kitchen tool I've never owned before, which is surprising considering one of Darryl's favourite things to make is garlic saffron mashed potatoes
  • tarragon mustard – the prettiest, freshest green color and awesome in salad dressings
We've been throwing around ideas for the next field trip – what should it be?


Laura said...

Field trip ideas:

All India Sweets/Little India
Richmond night market
Joe Fortes or somewhere for oysters
Tour of different diners for Michelle

Laura said...

And I'm commenting on my own comment! But it's because I've got a great idea for a field trip – we should go to EAT! Vancouver, the 'Everything Food and Cooking Festival' at BC Place on from May 25th to the 27th. It has a chocolate competition! It has wine and beer tasting! It has the 'Bite of Vancouver' tasting area! It has Rob Feenie! What more could you want?

Meg said...

Definitely little India for the samosa's at All India Sweets – I could eat a hundred of those, with that spicy sweet sauce.

And, yes, oysters! I love oysters and have never really gone out for them. I'll never forget eating my first ever raw oyster after cracking the shell open in my Dad's tiny apartment kitchen, oysters he caught himself. He said to imagine that it tasted like cheese. I guess it kind of did. Mmmmmm.

I'm with Michelle on the diners too. As long as they cook their hamburgers longer than the diner I went to in New York did.