Thursday, April 26, 2007

Field trip redux – the other side of the table

As an Ethiopian food novice, I thought I'd blog a little on the experience and on our field trip. Here, Meg and Alisha hold up their mango juices.

What is essential to Ethiopian food, as I found out, is injera, a crepe-thin bread that is used as a base for the dishes and as a utensil to eat the dishes. So it's sort of like both the plate and the fork. You use it to eat the food, and then eat the bread on which the food was arranged. Injera's a little sour and has a very interesting texture – kind of spongy. It is made from the only wheat that has its own symbiotic yeast (or so said the menu). Here it is in little torn-off rolls, and below, a close-up of the results of the yeast.

Gourmet Warehouse was new to me too. They stocked an amazing variety of products and gadgets. Any kind of olive oil or balsamic or salt you wanted. Mustards and teas and knives and pots and pans. We ended up buying some gorgeous cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil (Olio Carli) that I'll have to blog about, and some fleur de sel from the cote d'azur that Michelle will have to blog about. Here are some of the Gourmet Warehouse products. I quite liked the Mario Batali spatulas and things in orange and brown and green (see bottom right image). With their extra-large handles and their manly colours I suppose they are meant to appeal to barbequeing men (in orange crocs?) but there you go.

Then I noticed some of the most useless gadgets in the GW. What gets your vote as most useless – the Banana Guard, the Pickle Fork or the Garnish Master ("Easily make beautiful garnishes")?

And just before the check-out, Flora, Meg and Alisha display their GW finds! Next time we're getting that mortar and pestle, bus or no!

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