Sunday, April 01, 2007

Adventures in Gnocchi

So we've been wanting to make gnocchi at We Dine for a while now, and three Wednesdays ago at Alisha's it all came together. There are tons of recipes for gnocchi, but we decided to stick to the basics and learn how to make a fairly simple gnocchi first. We doubled the recipe and thus found ourselves in Capers buying a couple of pounds of potatoes alongside our other ingredients for the sauce and salad. We boiled the potatoes until they were tender, which took about 45 minutes.

Meanwhile, we started the salad and the sauce to go with the gnocchi. Some of the ingredients involved:

Gorgeous grape tomatoes! For the salad.

Peas, dill, onions and goat cheese for the sauce.

Sprouts! They made the salad nice and tall.

When the potatoes were finally soft enough, we peeled the skins off and mashed them with flour until they formed a dough.

Who knew that potato and flour could form such a great dough?

We formed the dough into long rolls, which was so much fun. It quite reminded me of making playdough when I was a kid. We cut the rolls into one-inch pieces, and rolled them off the back of a fork to shape them. Sean and I demonstrate.

A gnocchi-making montage!

When they were formed we plunged them into boiling water to cook, rescuing them when they floated to the surface.

And the results were fantastic! The gnocchi had a lovely soft texture, and they went really well with our sauce, which was a combination of some lovely smoked salmon we'd gotten at Capers and the aforementioned goat cheese, peas and dill. We discovered that gnocchi are relatively easy to make, and definitely worth it. The finished dinner was delicious:

And so were the little desserts we bought at Capers!


moyrad said...

I love the collages. This dough seemed so much easier to make that regular pasta dough. This was a lot of fun. I wonder if the potato dough can be formed into other shapes. Good thing Sean joined us or we each would have been swimming in the gnocchi.

Meg said...

Those peas are so beautiful! I remember that I couldn't stop snacking on them that night, right out of the bag, frozen. Yum!

These gnocchi were so much more successful than the few times I've made them in the past – mostly because I had Alisha there to say "take them out now, now!" The secret is definitely in not overcooking them. These ones held their shape perfectly. And that goat cheese sauce! I'm totally going to repurpose that whenever I feeling left out of the creamy pasta sauce world.

Meg said...

Hey Michelle – would swimming in gnocchi really be that bad?