Thursday, March 01, 2007

And a wine-tasting at Meg's!

So we left Raisa's as the sun was setting and hopped on the skytrain, bound for Meg's, spaghetti & meatballs and a bottle of chianti.

That was our mission because as part of her wine-tasting homework (yes, that's right, I used the words 'wine-tasting' and 'homework' in the same sentence), Meg needed to try a bottle of chianti with some food that it would complement. That meant a little research in the liquor store.

We gazed longingly at various bottles of chianti, hoping that they would give up their secrets to us, and eventually chose a reasonably-priced one that looked promising. It wasn't the most expensive, nor was it the cheapest plonk on the shelf. I was minding my own business and holding another bottle whose label told me it tasted like leather and raspberry jam (?!), when a man ambling past told me it was very tasty. I do like that leather/jam combo, but I passed it up on this occasion. We purchased the chianti, along with the ingredients for spaghetti & meatballs and headed back to Meg's.

Meg's recipe (a Donna Hay special, if you recognize the page design), was covered in handwritten comments and directions (and some food stains - always a good sign!) that I thought were a good idea. That way you know how to alter it in the future - or not to try it again!

Alisha made breadcrumbs in the blender (which was surprisingly easy, with a piece of toast and the press of a button) and mixed the meatball ingredients together. We rolled them into small even balls (it's hard not to make them larger as you go through the mixture!) and Alisha cooked them.

Michelle mixed the salad. Here she is with handfuls of sprouts.

I chopped lots of garlic, both for the meatballs and for the yummy garlic bread we had. It was a garlic-intensive meal. And the bread was healthy! Whole wheat. And very tasty too.

Meg ironed the linen tablecloth! You know it's a serious dinner when...

The finished spaghetti and meatballs. I like that one loopy strand of spaghetti. We all agreed that spaghetti isn't the pasta we have most often, but there are a couple of dishes it goes perfectly with. And who doesn't like to twirl it around a fork?

The wine in all its glory. Meg and Michelle analyzed its flavour, aftertaste, legs, arms, nose, mouthfeel, aroma, etc. Meg will have to supply all the wine terminology. I couldn't even tell if it was fruity or not! My red wine palette is seriously deficient. But it was a lovely pairing with the spaghetti and meatballs, and the dinner was delicious. And then everybody beat me at cards! Several times. Sigh.

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