Friday, February 09, 2007

The fabled beef-to-leaf ratio

Imagine the setting: it is two Wednesdays ago. There we were at Alisha's lovely Kits condo, fire roaring.

As it was a we dine night, we were busily engaged in making a delightful lettuce wrap meal, with a satay chicken/pasta dish as a side. We washed and froze the lettuce leaves after separating them and discarding the un-wrap-worthy ones:

Bamboo shoots and water chestnuts were chopped. Perhaps Diamond should invest in some new packaging design. They look kind of scary.

Michelle chopped carrots a little too large:

I separated the cilantro from its stems. Mm, cilantro, my favourite herb. (More on this at a later date).

Three pots simmered away - the pasta, for the satay pasta dish, the chicken that looked like fish, and the beef that would end up wrapped in the lettuce:

And this is the last known photograph of that night. The clock reads 7:32. So what happened after this? Did we have a dessert? Was there any entertainment? And what was the proper way to fill a lettuce wrap? These are all questions I answer below in cartoon form!

What's important to keep in mind when forming a lettuce wrap? Alisha informed us:

Also, we all agreed the coolth of the lettuce teamed with the warmed beef mixture was very yummy. And the hoisin sauce may play an important role. Was there any entertainment? Mais oui! We tried desperately to finish the Globe's Christmas challenge crossword. Yes, it's February. Somehow there were always ten answers left no matter how many we solved. We all learnt how to spell knife. (How topical). But we did pretty well!

And was there dessert? Well . . .

For some reason Capers was determined it was a citrus loaf, and not a lemon one. But it was very good, either way. And that was our Wednesday! Stayed tuned for this week's adventchas.

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Meg said...

Laura, this is amazing! Beautiful drawings – I especially love how the Michelle sits on a loaf-shaped background and Alisha's frame bleeds out in a lettuce-y fringe. I hope this starts a new WeDine tradition... We keep forgetting to discuss a new look for the blog, but I see the possibility of a watercolor banner illustration in our future – what do you think?

Oh, and the lettuce wraps were so crispy, sweet and delicious. And I promise not to ever misspell knife again (although I still insist, it wasn't me!)