Thursday, January 04, 2007

This Christmas' theme: things to cut things with!

My family must have known that my chopping desires were not being fulfilled... First, on Christmas day, sitting on my Dad's couch while sharing a beer with my sister and snacking on sausage, crackers, and cheeses, I opened a heavy box to find – not one, but two, cleavers! Cool! My dad even made a pretty Asian-inspired knife block to put them in. I've been chop chop chopping everything.

Then, on Boxing Day, my Granny Barb surprised me with a gift of the best cutting instrument ever – a mandolin! I've always wanted one, but it seemed like one of those kitchen toys I'd only ever dream of. And now here I am, slicing perfect beautiful skinny mushrooms...

Now, in the grocery store, I find myself gravitating towards the vegetables that will get along best with my mandolin. It's super-heavy-duty stainless steel and has adjustable blades for any thickness of straight, crinkle, or julienne cut. So far my favourite thing to slice has been paper-thin cucumbers, which I then marinated in some really yummy lemon herb infused vinegar which my Mom gave us in our Christmas stocking. I'll post more photos of the mandolin in action soon! And you guys will have to come over and try it out one of these Wednesdays – maybe the exciting slicing action will make up for the fact that we don't have TV to watch...


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