Sunday, January 21, 2007

Garlic emergency narrowly averted

So we almost had a garlic-free meal, but thankfully Flora brought the garlic drought to our attention, and all was well.

This was during the making of two varieties of shepherd's pie (a carnivore's kind and a veg kind, for Sean, our fishatarian) at the lovely belated Christmas celebration we had at Raisa's last weekend.

Secret santa gifts were exchanged. Some secrecy was preserved.
Delicious appetizers were made. Champagne and amaretto were had. Crosswords and Pictionary were puzzled over.

Pictures to follow. Please let me know if I get something wrong!

Here is one of the appetizers made by the unbeatable Raisa/Alisha combo:

Alisha cutting cherry tomatoes for Jamie Oliver's bruschetta.

Me, YoonJu and Meg chopping various things.

Us in the kitchen.

Sean mixes potatoes for the shepherd's top. There were at least three potato-mixing methods employed in this shepherd's pie - fork-squishing, mixing-squishing and sean's-hand-squishing. Mm.

Potatoes Sean squished form a pretty pattern.

Meg mixes salad - pear and greens and ALmonds.

Potato topping on the shepherd's pie. The meaty bit included leeks, mushrooms, onions, (carrots), garlic (of course), meat (or fake meat), worcestershire sauce, beef (or veg) stock . . . and that's it, I think. The potato-y bit was topped with cheese.

As you can see.

Post dinner:

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