Friday, January 12, 2007


So, sort of for my dad's birthday, we went to Michael Caine's restaurant in the Royal Clarence in Exeter, which was fantastic.
As you can see.

My fig starter - figs and prosciutto and parmesan and dandelion leaves and a yummy aged balsamic:

Jenny's starter (that's a poached egg on top, onion tart, with artichoke purée)

My dad's sea bream with stylish sauces:

My fantastic duck entrée. Mm. With onion rings (!) and quince:

My dad's lemon tart

Macaroons - with different ice creams sandwiched in between (cappucino, lemon and caramel) - and the fantastic dessert wine:

My tea

A wedding was being photographed outside

Ben's pretty latte - which he then plunged this sugar cube into

Our little additional petit fours, which we got just for being us (and spending so much money and 2 1/2 hours there)

My family (dad, Jenny & Ben), very content after a lovely meal together.

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