Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Last week's Wednesday was a Tuesday, as we all went out for a lovely Dine Out meal at Chambar.

When I was trying to figure out why they called the restaurant Chambar, I went to their website, which informs me that they are a 'Belgian restaurant where three-star-Michelin-trained chef Nico Schuermans is winning rave reviews'. And another site tells me that 'Chambar is a stylish and hip restaurant downtown that offers Belgian cuisine in a fun and lively atmosphere'. Well, that was certainly true. But would Schuermans win rave review from us?

Their front window - Sean will surely inform me of the name of the artist whose work this is ... right?

They had a fantastic view from this large picture window - too bad I didn't get the lit-up Science World in this picture.

Flora's drink came. It was pretty and luminous. And decorated with a petal. Cool.

The prawn starter enjoyed by several of us - in fact, everyone but me, I think. Saffron prawns with soba noodles on the side and raita. Very Belgian.

I had salad - mainly because I'm not a big saffron fan - which had its good points. These were the shallot crisps, the candied pecans, the shaved parmesan and the dressing. Mm. But too much cress and endive made it generally bitter.

The kitchen hard at work

A blurry dark Sean enjoying his mussels - he was the only one to have that as entree, but they were fantastic. If I do say so. The waiter said they were the best in the city. Was that before or after he spilt Sean's water all over him?

The braised beef entree, had by Michelle, Flora and Darryl, I believe.

Michelle and I mid-course.

Trout entree, had by me and Meg. This blurry one is mine. It was great - liked the almond butter/panko crust. The sweet black rice on the side was a good idea, but not very flavourful.

Meg and Darryl. Clearly Darryl is saying something important.

Sorbet d'ananas et citron. If you put everything in French on your menu, does that make your food Belgian?

My waffle dessert. Definitely the best part - fantastic vanilla ice cream and the choooocolate sauce. Mm.

Flora leaving our lovely round table.

Everyone outside Chambar - Michelle, Flora, Sean, Meg & Darryl.

Do comment - I feel like I can't be the only one to comment on this dinner, and everybody probably has their own opinion on whether the food was good or Belgian at all!


moyrad said...

Food was pretty good but the black rice side could have used some flavour.
The frites were tasty as was the beef. It definitely held up on the atmosphere and we did have the best table in the house.

I must say the waiter dumping water all over Sean was not great but it was the non-acknowledgement with a complimentary side or something that made me question the service a little.

I thought well enough of Chambar that i recommended it to someone at work and they really enjoyed it. I'd say a 79/100, needs improvement but has a lot to offer.

Meg said...

My verdict was that the trout was delicious (I want to play around with trout and almond butter and see if we can come up with something like that...mmm)the citrus chips that came with the sorbet were really cool, the black sesame seed/pomegranate seed garnish combo (on the sorbet) was gorgeous, we had the best seat in the place (does that ever happen?), and... the sides (soba noodle and pea shoot salad, black rice) were inexcusably boring. I would go back again to pick and choose from the full menu, and to have another Hoegarden. Thanks Laura for persevering for the reservation!