Saturday, January 27, 2007

An harmoniously-coloured meal

So this was actually last Wednesday, 'cause this Wednesday was a Tuesday. If that makes any sense. (Tuesday entry to come). We made quiche with two kinds of milk (though perhaps soy milk would be a good choice in future), Bombay hummus (is that correct? and perhaps it should be Mumbai hummus!) and Donna Hay's coleslaw. Recipes to follow!

The mushrooms were very sturdy:

Whisked egg mixture for quiche:

Hummus process:

Slaw in progress. Michelle makes the dressing.

Meg adds goat cheese to her quiche:

The egg custard goes in:

Finished dinner! Photo angle inspiration provided by Darryl's recent food stylings:

1 comment:

moyrad said...

The mushroom army is near!!
Run for your lives!
MMMMM Quiche.