Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bits and pieces

Just a few leftovers from my UK holiday. So to speak. Unintended food pun!

Mushrooms for a risotto I made for myself and my dad (these dried chanterelles were reconstituted with marsala). I liked their cool reflections, so i actually added more to make the picture better!

Jenny had left a school flute in the middle of the island where I was cutting ingredients for the risotto:

The cooker before risotto. There used to be a fireplace there at some point in history instead, as you can probably tell.

My dad awaiting his dinner after a day at work (had I possibly taken too many photos by then?)

The finished risotto on The Independent travel magazine. This risotto involved chanterelles, regular button mushrooms, leeks, red and white onion and (mm) bacon. And lots of beef stock, because the butter was unsalted. Oh, and some creme fraiche at the end.

Ben in the kitchen eating a breakfast fry-up one morning. Okay, so maybe it wasn't morning. Maybe it was noon. I was sitting at the other end of the table.

Jenny made a lovely roast dinner, and on Sunday too! Very traditional. Points to anyone who can guess what all these things are:

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moyrad said...

I want some of that tasty yorkshire pudding and roast beast. Perhaps with my new thermometers WeDine could have a roast dinner. What does every one think?