Friday, January 12, 2007

Banoffee Pie

Here's my banoffee pie montage (click on it for larger image). I made this pie for dessert one of the nights that my family stayed at my stepbrother Jon's house in Wormit (near Dundee) in Scotland. He and his fiancée Trish and their lovely baby Charlotte live in a big high-ceilinged Victorian house overlooking the Tay. And I'm going to their wedding in April!

Making the pie was quite the experience. I'd like to thank my support team, including Ben, who helped me take these pictures, Kate (my stepsister), Jenny (my stepmum) and Fred (stepgrandma!), who gave me pie advice, and my dad, of course, who boiled the condensed milk.

Banoffee is essentially a compound word containing bananas and coffee, but really the cream and condensed milk are more important. In fact I didn't use any coffee at all (but did use rum) so it was more of a Baneamilkum pie. Mmm. But the rolling of the pastry was fun - Ben directed me to do a Nigella, but I couldn't quite achieve the cleavage or innuendos, and Kate told me about miracle pants, which she's sure Nigella must wear - a sort of control garment which sucks and squeezes everything in. Apart from the cleavage, of course.

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