Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas! And enjoy all your dinners!

Well, here I am in Toronto, on Christmas Eve, and oddly I'm posting about two Jewish foods I've recently made for Chanukkah with my family. The first is mandelbroit, which is basically a Jewish biscotti - a twice-baked thin cookie. My mom says that it's traditionally made only with almonds, but my Zaida (granddad) likes poppyseed, and I found I quite liked that too. My parents like peanut, and Ben likes chocolate chips - and so did Michelle! The dough is quite oily, which makes it cohere well, and it was so much fun to squish it all together.

The second is latkes, of course. Chanukkah celebrates a miracle that has to do with oil, and of course somehow this translates into oily food. Thus potato pancakes thoroughly fried in oil. Some people eat doughnuts as well. What a holiday! We usually make latkes from a box (gasp!) but this time we made them from scratch (me & Michelle). My mom is allergic to onions, which are a fairly large part of latkes, so we made an onion-free batch. And it wasn't too bad! The only thing it was missing was the large dose of MSG! Mmm. Oil.

My mom chopping the peanuts for the mandelbroit:

Me mixing the mandelbroit dough

The dough - doesn't it look squishable?

Adding the poppyseeds:

The three types of mandelbroit:

The finished twice-baked broits!

Me peeling potatoes for the latkes:

My mom peeling potatoes for the latkes:

Squashing the potatoes through the food processor - one year I grated them by hand, and that was hell on earth, so the food processor was very welcome.

Dividing the mixture between onion and nonion:

Michelle likes a latke:

Oily goodness:

More cooking latkes:

The finished latkes!

Well, I hope everyone's getting a good sleep this Christmas Eve, and that Santa visits you (abundantly) in the night. Ben keeps talking about '', where apparently you can discover Santa's current location. Disturbing. But most importantly, enjoy family & friends, and eat well! And post the results!

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