Monday, December 11, 2006

Dim Sum Saturday

Well this week our Wednesday was a Saturday due to work holiday parties.

On Sat morning at 11am our viewing commenced and after a very suspenseful series of challenges, the wicked bitch of the west Melrose was crushed

by the sincere and earnest Cari Dee.

To celebrate this victory and to make up for our longer than normal meal wait, we chose to dine on dim sum. And we introduced Erin to her first dim sum experience

Sumptuous footballs, su mai, ha gao, shrimpy triangles, spicy beans and coconut cube!!!!
Alas they were out of sesame balls, waaa!!!

We feasted and were full!


Laura said...
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Laura said...

Like the pictures! I never noticed how long CariDee's face is...maybe it's just the strange double-photo effect. I'm sad about the tragic lack of sesame balls at dim sum. Must go on a sesame ball-searching mission!