Saturday, November 11, 2006

The quickest dinner we've ever made

So, I'm a little late, but I'm actually doing it! Posting! It's Saturday afternoon, dark and chilly, and I'm hungry, so thinking back to Wednesday's meal is appealing.

Alisha demanded that we make fish, so I brought along a really good seafood cookbook I haven't used in a while – one of the Australian Women's Weekly books, which are cheap and pretty great. And the recipe we chose (Cajun Orange Roughy) was super-easy. The fish store cruelly closed a few minutes before we made it there, so we found some red snapper at Capers instead.

The fish got brushed with melted butter and was then coated expertly in a spice mixture by Michelle. And then fried, in the absence of a grill pan. I think the spices used were paprika, oregano, thyme, chili powder, and salt. Along with it, we had Southwestern Salad which Alisha made the day before, just like my mom used to make! Yum, and Laura was kind enough not to mind picking out the corn. And, we baked some nan bread coated in olive oil and minced garlic (I managed to smoke up the apartment again – but nothing was burned or melted, and we all survived).

But we forgot to take pictures. Boo.

After the action-packed model escapades, we watched "Battle Clam!!" which was awesome. I couldn't help being strangely attracted to the little skewers of clams, olives, tiny onions and lime wedges, which ended up being a drink garnish. Well, for an appetizery drink made out of clam ice cream. Cool!

And then . . . we experienced Build a Better Burger for the first time. Very strange.

I promised to give you guys a link to one of my favourite food blogs, The Amateur Gourmet so you can read the post about the free truffles.

And in other tasty food news, D and I tried that new Mexican place where The Sweet Hot Motion Cafe used to be. It was so good! We had Shrimp and Cilantro Pesto Quesadillas, Beef Enchilada, and Beef Taco. Everything was incredibly tasty, and all the veggies were fresh and crispy. And, the best part . . . they have four kinds of fresh homemade salsa which you can put in little cups and then pour over everything. Yum yum yum! The staff was totally laid back too. D was counting how many tequilla shots the waiter/cashier took while we waited for our food, and the chef agreed to cook for us even though we arrived just as they were closing. We should all go some time. $15 would get you a really tasty dinner and a beer. And they have a marionette on the wall that is exactly the same as the one my aunt and uncle brought back from Mexico for me when I was a kid – with the same little leather sandles I used to like to take off and put back on again.

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