Monday, November 20, 2006

A meal without water

So on Friday we visited Raisa's new (well, new to me, anyway) and beautifully co-ordinated home in Burnaby, a mysterious place to the east. Seeing as the greater Vancouver area is experiencing a water purity issue (we're turbid!), and there's a don't wash, don't tell veg warning in effect, we decided to prepare our meal without the use of water (if at all possible).

So we used a lot of Raisa's giant can of olive oil instead. And it was yummy. The vegetables were roasted with lemon and garlic and picked rosemary (and of course oil), the beef was grilled, and the potatoes were parboiled and then oiled. Mm. And there may have been alcohol involved in the meal (only to make up for the lack of water, of course!). Results:

Marination taking place:

The apples prior to the cooking (they remind me a little of the picture of the stuffed peppers):

The potatoes:

The veg:

The beef:

My plate at dinner:

The beautiful light fixtures made by Raisa's uncle (I think, correct me if I'm wrong):

The lovely baked apples Raisa made:

Amazing amaretto. And macaroons.

Michelle's special dessert. For the cooked-fruit impaired.

What remained of the bacon at breakfast - sorry to say there aren't any pictures of the bacon. Or the scrambled eggs I cooked. Breakfast was yummy.

Vivid apricot jam. Not for the cooked-fruit impaired:

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Leeeeesha said...

Wow Laura! Those pics make our dishes look extra yummy. I think you should consider becoming a food photographer or a food stylist. I'd hire you . . .