Sunday, November 19, 2006

Last Wednesday as blogged on Sunday: I'm getting it together! Really!

Last Wednesday we made pad thai, which Alisha had been wanting to make for some time. I jumped on the bandwagon after seeing my culinary-geek hero Alton Brown devote a whole episode of 'Good Eats' (not 'Goodies,' which is what Meg thought I'd said!) to the dish. He also said that every Thai cook has their own version of the recipe, and we realized that there could be lots of variation and room for improvisation.

But we eschewed ketchup! Though some recipes called for it. However, we did use flat rice noodles, mung bean sprouts, peeled shrimp, scallions, semi-crushed and roasted peanuts, and fried egg (am I forgetting anything, guys?).

I learnt: peeling prawns is kind of therapeutic; we have tamarind paste in our fridge (who knew?); fish sauce does actually go bad (good thing we got that new fish sauce!); and the baby on the fish sauce bottle is still scary (and mind-blowing - the baby is holding another bottle of fish sauce, on which is ... another baby, holding a bottle of fish sauce! Disturbing!).

Anyway, some photos.

Alisha shows off her incredible skills in cutting tofu (and scallions):

The selfsame tofu, cooked! (with crispy bits, which are, according to who you ask, delicious or not)

Shrimpy exoskeletons:

Michelle contemplates her next Scrabble move:

Meg in the chair that's briefly residing in the kitchen - it would be cool there, if only the kitchen was a mite larger...

Moody eggs (prior to cracking):

Zen eggs - for some reason they look mellow to me:

Cooking the eggs:

Noodle testing:

Combining ingredients:

The final dish!

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