Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Caught up for the week!

Seeing as it's Wednesday, and a new dinner is about to occur in mere hours, I thought I'd catch us up for the week. It must be said, it's been a foodie week - if you count the previous Sunday's baking, there've been four times we've cooked together in the past week. Crazy! We're just so foodtastic. Great job on the Pad Thai recipe, Meg! I especially like the direction at the very end.

So we had a "card-making" get-together on Meg's last Sunday, and oddly, lots of food managed to be created. Puff pastry was much in evidence, and Delia came out again, this time for mulled wine and cheese-pancetta palmiers. Alisha upped the veg quotient with some sorely-needed healthy crudité, and we finally saw YoonJu cook - even if it didn't involve confectioners' sugar! Also, some cards were made.

YoonJu mixes with gusto:

Michelle & I make cloven oranges:

Meg's toasty puff-pastries with potato and goat cheese:

The tea cosy that was soooooo twee it was cool again:

Palmiers pre-cooking:

YoonJu & Alisha cruditéing:

Resultant artistic shavings:

The finished crudité plate!

More toasties:

Arty clove orange photo:

Adding the sugar to the mulled wine (with the cool teaspoon set!)

Mulled wine with clove oranges in:

Michelle's Nigella-type mulled wine mug:

Friends in the kitchen! Raisa, me, Sean, YoonJu, Meg & Alisha.

The YoonJu cake-icing series (Part 1):

Part 2:

Part 3!

Alisha and Raisa contemplate making actual cards:

Meg and some joyful potatoes:

Erin arrives for some much-needed tea:

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