Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Spanakopita with Tomato & White Bean Salad

Oct 25th

Everyone has their own recipes and these are the ingredients we used for this incarnation

* Frozen spinach - 3 packs - a new experience with great flavour and none of the work of the fresh spinach
* Feta cheese - a good portion - good salty flavour
* Sauteed onions - 1 med-lrg - for sweetness
* Nutmeg - 1 tsp -a little nuttiness
* Real Butter - 3/4 cup no margerine for us
* Herbs of your choice - mint & dill

All wrapped up in a tasty Phyllo and brushed with more butter - mmm mmm good
Baked at 400F for 20min until golden brown

4 sided baking pans are best as the 3 sided one we used caused lots of smoke from falling butter

Tomato and White Bean Salad
Moosewood Recipe

* 5 tomatoes
* garlic
* 2 cans of white beans - your choice - offically cannallenni but any will do
* celery - thin crosswise slices
* red onion
* mint
* dressing of lemon juice and olive oil

Though tasty in the original form - we all agreed some tweaking need to occur to make it exceptional - more tomatoes, celery, less beans, more mint, and salt

Spanakopita are deceptively filling triangular bundles!
Can't wait until next week.

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