Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Historical Wednesday Dinners

June 21st
Wrap Night
* Spicy Beef Lettuce Wraps with Hoisin
* Spanokopita
* Salad Roll with Spicy Sauce

June 28th, July 5th, July 12th,
(not in order)
* Cabbage Rolls
* *Quiche in 2 Acts - 1-Blue Cheese, Milk , 2-Soy Milk, Non-Dairy Cheese, on Organic Pastry Crusts
* *Thai Stir-Fry with Rice and Noodles

July 19th, July 26th, August 2nd
* Laura and Michelle in England - unknown foods

August 9th, August 16th, August 23rd, August 30th
*no record

Sept 6th
* Buffalo Burgers in Greek Pita with lemon mayo, tzatziki, tomato. feta & salad

Sept 13th
* Something made with these items: So, I've got some salad items (butter lettuce,
romaine, tomatoes, avocado), a couple of ears of corn, and half a
loaf of Ecco Il Pane home-bake bread. I'm thinking that someone can
buy one of those ready-made roast chickens and if someone wouldn't
mind getting a couple more salad things (red onion, feta cheese,
basil, perhaps some nuts) then we'd have a whole dinner!

Sept 20th
Connie's CookHouse Chinese Take-out
* Black Pepper Chicken
* ?Prawns & Noodles with Spicy Tomato Sauce?
* ?Beef with Broccoli in Black Bean Sauce?

Sept 27th
* no record

Oct 4th
* Spaghetti with Rosemary Meatballs

Oct 11th
* Beef Burritos - with paprika and chipotle flavour in oven-warmed tortilla
* Garnishes - Sour cream, cheese (dairy and non-dairy), lettuce, tomato, avocado dip, garlic aioli

Oct 18th
* Pan-Cooked Chicken Burgers with Crusty Buns
* Salad - shredded lettuce, diced tomato with yummy made up dressing
* Potato and Yam fries
* Roasted Garlic

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